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Daniel Fisher

Artist Biography

Multi-award winning, Fisher's works are held in both private and public collections here in Australia and internationally. With success across multiple solo exhibitions, he now focuses on public and private commissions for his ever growing clientele. 

Daniel Fisher is an award winning artist whose love for making art began at a young age. His endless stream of creative energy and unwavering passion for learning and creating new art has seen him working with all manner of materials forging works that incorporate a wide range of mediums and material, both man made and organic. 



Fisher lives and works in the Margaret River region of Western Australia and has immersed himself in nature living in the bush where he can closely observe all its wonder.



Below is an owl made from cutlery and steel using blacksmith techniques to heat, bend and texture the metal.

Heating a bolt which will become the owl's beak.

The bolt is hammered into desired shape with the threads of the bolt left to add extra texture, it's then welded onto the

round pipe and the beginnings of the face are now clear to see.

The owl is finished with a mixture of pastes and oils.

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